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The Heart is associated in Traditional Chinese Medicine with a number of different metaphors, including:- the colour red, the element of fire, the season – summer, the emotion of joy, and the sound of laughing.  It was the laughing part that I wanted to investigate further.

It is believed by some scientists that 75% of all illness is stress-related. Laughter is a great stress buster, for when we laugh, endorphins – happy hormones – go up and the stress hormone cortisol comes down, leaving us happier and more relaxed.

Research also suggests that children laugh 200 to 300 times a day and yet as adults around 12 to 15.

I wonder where have all our laughs gone and what is it we were laughing at when we were younger?

Perhaps we’re talking life too seriously?  Co-developer of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler says “seriousness causes stupidity.”  It’s funny that whenever I’ve mentioned this in a corporate setting, people begin to laugh – often a little nervously – not wishing to be seen as stupid.  This is when they realise that it is up to them to develop themselves, whether through more knowledge or recognising the ability to have a different viewpoint of a situation and gain more knowledge.

During laughter blood pressure is increased but after a good laugh the resting rate is lower, so blood pressure comes down after a laugh as much as 5-7mmHg, which is significant.

Social connection when we laugh together in a group and make eye contact, we feel a real connection and this lifts us up emotionally, physically and spiritually. We are gregarious people and laughing together banishes feelings of loneliness, makes us feel better and improves our mood.

So, getting back to the heart of the matter!  Of course, if you’re pursuing any kind of personal development, you’ll want to be able to put your heart into it, and yet, if you’re learning what you want to learn, it will be fun and often create huge amounts of laughter too – which is only good for your health and well being.

We love ensuring that when you come on one of our courses, we will ensure you are at the heart of our training, there’s plenty to put your heart into and laughter is guaranteed.  It’s actually good for your health!

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