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NLP for the World
Tools and strategies from NLP trainers around the World

As the world went into lockdown in a bid to beat the Covid-19 pandemic, The Society of NLP’s leading Trainers and Master Trainers in Neuro-Linguistic Programming met via the internet conferencing app Zoom. How, they asked one another, can we share the genius resilience-building tools and techniques of NLP now, in the most effective way possible?

The result of their meeting is this book, brought to you by world-leading innovators in NLP who share strategies everyone can use to build resilience, quickly and easily, in the face of the pandemic. Please share this book with everyone you can; in doing so, you will help to supercharge the world and help us all come back after lockdown stronger, smarter and more resilient than ever.

With this book, we send you our love, prayers and best wishes to the world. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay strong, and stay productive!

Enjoy the read and Keep Well.
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