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What is NLP and how can it help you?
It has been likened to an owner’s manual for the brain. It is a highly effective methodology for effecting lasting change with phobias, trauma, confidence, habits and reactions to memories.

NLP teaches you to learn to grow from every life experience, which enhances your capacity to create a better quality of life. It equips you with a profound set of tools for personal and professional development.

Our Licensed Practitioner of NLP Course is the next progression after the Introduction to NLP and has often been said by our students that it can be a life changing course. In the Practitioner training you will be taught the attitudes, principles and techniques of Neuro Linguistic programming to increase your personal effectiveness and to begin to develop those skills in others.

Executive Coaching Courses
Coaching Masterclass - London, UK
The benefits of training with Thoughtitude
We offer an International Professional Coaching qualification to qualify as a Life, Business or Executive Coach which is accredited by the Association for Coaching.

  • Course Manual with exercises for practice.
  • An exquisitely designed NLP Introduction training that covers multiple areas models and exercises to give you best experience out of the day.
  • You will learn an overview of what it will be like when you have trained on the Licensed Practitioner of NLP Course.
  • Great networking with a selection of like minded people.
  • You will have fun learning!

Licensed NLP Courses
NLP was Co-created by Dr Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the mid 1970s the field of NLP is constantly developing and learning about excellence through the models Bandler and Grinder made of great communicators.

They initially studied three successful therapists, Fritz Perls (the founder of Gestalt therapy), Virginia Satir (the founder of Family Therapy) and Milton Erickson (the leading exponent of Modern Hypnotherapy) and using an effective way of asking precise questions found out from them how they were able to get such consistently good results. Whilst initially modelling these people, over the course of the next few years they modelled many different people from sportsmen and women to marksmen and businessmen, and as such started to coin the phrase that NLP was being able to model the structure of excellence.

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"Amazing course. Best thing I could have gifted myself for my 30th Birthday! Thank you so much for helping me with my dog phobia. This is life changing."
Meera M, London
Licensed Practitioner of NLP
"Huge thank you to June and Geoff. You’re both such amazing teachersand so infectiously happy, positive and wonderful!"
Katy C, Oxford
Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP
"It’s been a wonderful experience and probably life changing for me, so Thank you so much."
Jennifer P, Kent
Licensed Practitioner of NLP Course
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