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Owner and Course Director of Thoughtitude which specialises in NLP, Business & Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy & Reiki Training Courses, based in Copthorne, West Sussex.

As a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP with The Society of NLP, an Accredited Diploma in Coach Training Provider and Organisational Member with the Association for Coaching, an Accredited Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapy Trainer with a 21 year corporate background in the world of Accountancy/IT, I have a wealth of knowledge within and out of the Corporate arena.

A Senior Manager leading high performing teams. This marriage of seeming extremes lends an insight into the problems faced by individuals, irrespective of gender, in both their working and personal lives.

Freeing people from their phobias and limiting behaviours is a subject that has particularly been interesting to work with.  By facilitating change in this area has allowed clients to experience new opportunities in previously unforeseen ways, and many times feeling a sense of freedom.

I am a valuable member of the trainer assistant team for Dr Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP ) John & Kathleen La Valle and Paul McKenna at their events and running several of these independently.  I am completely up to date with current techniques and is delighted to witness high and sustained success rates amongst participants.

My experience developed over many years ensures that I can offer Training, Mentoring, Coaching and Supervision on a business or personal basis, providing recipients with an extensive set of tools to use for Personal Growth and Business Progression.

Please feel free to contact June on 07876 578055 if you would like to discuss individual consultations or email

Geoff Rolls

Geoff’s background was in food retail both in stores and in the head office environment. Also he has been responsible for innovating and developing training and development programmes for a business of over 80,000 people.

He has his own business in which he focuses on building capability through flexibility through NLP, coaching, training and development. He works with large businesses all the way through to one man bands, as well as with individuals looking to improve the quality of their communication. He is also a Touch For Health Kinesiology instructor. He sometimes blends in Kinesiology when he’s working with clients, teaching them techniques to look after themselves so that they will be even better at what they do.

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See What Recent Clients Say About Thoughtitude


June is fantastic, I’m grateful to have been able to study this stuff with her, I felt challenged and supported throughout the process, feedback is always perfectly pitched and positively framed, I felt like she was completely invested in my development and my potential at all times.

Being able to learn from someone as knowledgeable and with such a range of professional experience as June has made a massive difference to how I think about coaching and my work in general.


I look forward to doing more courses and professional development with June in the future.

Thanks so much for your energy, focus, guidance and understanding.

John B – Accredited Diploma in Coach Training (Musician/Teacher/Stress Expert)

Very Good, Great trainers!

Ivana P, Berkshire – Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Channel Manager)

Loved it!

Amazing, Thank you June and Geoff.

Shaun K, Horsham – Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Pre Sales Cloud Solutions Consultant)

The course is great; I feel it’s been life changing because the veil’s been lifted on the context

of everything I do and the strategies I use to do everything.

Helen H, East Sussex – Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (L&D Consultant)

Huge thank you to June and Geoff.  You’re both such amazing teachers

and so infectiously happy, positive and wonderful!

Katy C, Oxford – Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Programme Manager)

Excellent learning environment filled with fun and humour.

Packed with content and demonstrations.

June always goes the extra mile giving her time and energy.

Mandy F, Lincoln – Diploma in Professional & Clinical Hypnotherapy

Amazing course.

Best thing I could have gifted myself for my 30th Birthday!

Thank you so much for helping me with my dog phobia.  This is life changing.

Meera M, London – Licensed Practitioner of NLP (Speech & Language Therapist)

Life Changing

Value for Money!

John P, London – Licensed Practitioner of NLP (Builder)

Excellent learnt lots!

June – Really great, experienced, depth of knowledge, funny and easy of understanding.

Geoff – Really great, relaxed explanations, knowledge complements June – different learning styles work.

Chris F, London – Licensed Practitioner of NLP (Chief Revenue Officer)

So enjoyable, very fun, so much valid information and extremely thought provoking.

Many many thanks, NLP is life changing and will be a fabulous tool for my future!

Simone A, Horsham – Licensed Practitioner of NLP (Foreign Exchange Manager)

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If you have any questions, or of your would like to book a consultation, call June on 07876 578055 or fill in the contact form below.