MOT U Weekend


16th & 17th  May 2020
9:30 am – 4:30 pm   

The purpose of this weekend is to work at a very deep level to enable you to  be in the best state possible to achieve what you want – much work will be focussed with the mind and body connection on a 1:1 basis.  This weekend is limited to 6 people. Please email or textl June on 07876 578055 to book your place.
Please email if you would like to join the MOT U Weekend

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A number of years ago – in fact back in 2013, we ran a weekend where we both worked with the participants using all our skills that we have accumulated over the years.  The purpose of this was to work at a very deep level with all involved to help ensure they were in the best state possible to achieve what they want – much work with the mind and body happened for the two days as well as tuning up everyone’s sensory acuity.


2020 could be most appropriate for you to consider spending some time, where the focus of attention is on you and just a few others, where there’s no requirement to take notes; just be on the receiving end of a huge number of skills ranging from Neuro Linguistic Programming, Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Neuroscience, Reiki, Touch for Health Kinesiology to Vibrational Kinesiology to name just a few, then this is the weekend for you.

With the MOT logo there is a network of three triangles, all equilateral and maybe you can consider them to cover areas of your body too – your Anatomy, your Physiology and your Psychology or emotions.  If any of these seem out of kilter, come and join us to do what we can to get you back in balance.

Perhaps we should call it  ”Drop in, Tune up and chill out.” because there will be plenty of that.

This weekend is limited to 6 people.

If  this sounds it would be right for you please contact June on or text 07876 578055.

Event Details

Start date: May 16, 2020

End date: May 17, 2020

Start time: 09:30 p.m.

End time: 16:30 p.m.

Venue: The Copthorne Hotel Gatwick

Directions: Copthorne Way Copthorne West Sussex RH10 3PG

Phone: 07876 578055 June