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Flying High as a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP!

Monday, April 2nd, 2018 by June O'Driscoll


As this is the First Blog it gives me another opportunity to celebrate my recently awarded status as a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP,  presented to me by Dr Richard Bandler (Co-creator of NLP) and John La Valle (President of the Society of NLP), in Orlando, Florida. This was made even more special as my daughter Mandy and my granddaughters were in the audience.

Of course, this wonderful experience would not have been possible if I hadn’t decided to finally get rid of my fear of flying, all those years ago.   Now for those of you that have had any fears or phobias you will understand that this is not an easy thing to change yourself.   Also like many of you I had created some very useful strategies to avoid my fears and still maintain a professional persona.   What I hadn’t noticed though was that the ‘state of fear’ began to generalise in other areas of my life. This ranged from a fear of heights, a fear of bridges, a fear of escalators to a fear of stairs that was a lot of workarounds to maintain a professional persona.

Not realising this at the time, I was spending at least 30 minutes a day, thinking about how I was going to avoid these obstacles.   Let’s just say I thought like this for 300 days in a year, that equated to around 150 hours a year being wasted. I remember saying to myself sometimes if only I had more hours in the day…………………

The day that my life changed was on Day 2 of a Licensed Practitioner of NLP in London at a Hotel in Kensington with 700 other people in the audience. I didn’t know about NLP and had gone there in order to get Paul McKenna to get rid of my fear of flying.   Well after my initial shock at being in a room with 700 people, who I thought were there for the same reason, I relaxed into the training.

At the end of Day 1, I had met some great people, felt relaxed and thought about how I could integrate some of the exercises into some team building events.   Day 2 arrived and this is where things were never going to be the same again. Dr Richard Bandler (Co-Creator of NLP) asked if any one had a fear of flying and I sank down in my seat, hoping he hadn’t noticed me, I was blushing, sweating and feeling like I wanted to run out of the room.   Richard gave me a choice I could either go on the stage and change things or I could stay with the fear, for the rest of my life. With a choice like that it was obvious which route to take. Well the next 20 minutes were very relaxing, I remember laughing and feeling different about a lot of things. Richard had changed the disaster movies in my head and I couldn’t get back any of the bad feelings. As I opened my eyes and was going to leave the stage Richard whispered something in my ear and told me out-loud not to tell anyone on the course what he had just said. Even typing this is bringing a smile to my face, Richard had installed an auditory anchor that would be strengthened every time someone asked me what he whispered.

We had a lunch break and many people came up to me and asked me what Richard said, which made me smile and the first thing I wanted to do was to go outside the hotel and look up to the sky, this was something that had never been possible before. Everything had changed and suddenly I had time to do things I wanted to do. The rest of that week I worked with lots of other students, staying late in the evenings practising, at lunch times, break times and fully immersed myself in the process.

Lots of years have passed since then and I, with my great friend and Co-Trainer Geoff Rolls have trained many people with NLP to be Licensed Practitioners of NLP, Licensed Master Practitioners of NLP and recently Licensed NLP Coaches.  With our previous business experience we also train Accredited Coaching Courses and Clinical Hypnotherapy Courses.


So when I look back, at one time I thought it was impossible for me to go on an aircraft to the USA. This also meant that I would never go to Disney with my children and in turn never experience this with my grandchildren, either.




Isn’t it good to be wrong?




A great big Thank you to Richard, Kathleen & John, it’s magical! x



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